Though I make shiny things, the road leading me here has been anything but glamorous. 

Over the last few years, my lifestyle and career have changed completely as I started to learn more about the treatment of animals in our society.

 Even here in Canada, animals are abused, stranded, tested on, and of course, murdered. So here I am... with AdvoCATeShop; handcrafted pieces made specifically with the intention of fundraising for a cause.      

This venture means so much to me and I hope it will eventually mean a lot to our fellow furry earthlings some day too, so please,  If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. I appreciate your thoughts. 

Either comment to this post or email at    

With this blog I will share news regarding participating shelters, new product info, content of interest from the animal kingdom, and possibly some personal tidbits if I really feel the need to spill some beans :D  

Thanks for reading, Rachel - AdvoCATe Goldsmith