For the Love of Cats!

Being a jeweller is very self-fulfilling and fun.
I can repair family heirlooms, create bridal party keepsakes, and craft one-of-a-kind custom pieces to suit anyones need.

But something is missing....

From my child self who would remove garbage from animal habitats for fun, to my teenage self who learned the horrors of animal testing while working in cosmetics, to my adult self who chose a career in jewellery, AdvoCATe feels like it's been growing inside me for a long time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Your purchase benefits an animal rescue and that means SO much to us all.

Best dreams and wishes,

Rachel, Shadow, and Ginger

What is the ’Black Cat’, collection?
- Inspired by pet cats that give a spooky, arched back, poofy tail pose to indicate 'play time', the 'Black Cat Collection', features a hammered and oxidized metal finish and candy coloured gemstones.. 

What is the ‘Lunablue’, collection?
-These are items that I normally would bring to local markets or consignment shops to sell. With the pandemic now going on, I’ve listed them here in case you see something that you like 😺

Did you know that there’ll be a Blue Moon on Hallowe’en 2020? ‘Lunablue’, items feature naturally rough or tumbled stones, animals in the moonlight, or silver moon accents. 

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